Han shot first

Han shot first is a phrase referring to a controversial change made to a scene in the science fiction film Star Wars (1977), in which Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is . Pour les fans de Star Wars, la phrase Han shot first (soit Han a tiré le premier) fait référence à un changement controversé d’une scène du premier film de la . In the 19version, it looked like Han shot Greedo first in the cantina.

Qui de Han Solo ou de Greedo a tiré en premier dans la Cantina ? George Lucas a son idée, des nouveaux arguments à chaque interview et . Han Shot First is a notable phrase used by fans of the Star Wars franchise to state their opinion in a scene in Episode IV: A New Hope, in which one of the main . Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Han Shot First GIFs. Suddenly, without warning, Han Solo shot Greedo in self-defense.

Since then, the question of who shot first has been a hotly debated topic . Ariana Grande has settled the Han Shot First debate, which has long plagued the Star Wars fandom, with impeccable logic an for good . Dans la scène d’origine de l’épisode IV Un nouvel espoir, Han Solo tire en premier sur le chasseur de prime Greedo.

Préservatif Han Shot First Agrandir l’image. In the 19re-release, however, George Lucas edited the scene to show Greedo firing first, and missing — changing Han’s shot from an act of . To Whittle, it was a no-brainer that Han shot first. If someone who wants to kill you has a gun trained right on you, . For my own part, I was weened on Star Wars.

After a period of droid-mania, I was duly impressed with Han Solo. In the cantina scene, he copped a certain . Cette fois, c’est le script original de Star Wars (épisode IV) qui vient mettre fin au débat une fois pour toutes : Han Shot First ! Chewbacca en personne le confirme : “Han Shot First”. Star Wars : De nouvelles images et George Lucas répond à LA . In the 19version of the scene Han didn’t shoot first, he was the only person to shoot.

The phrase “Han Shot First” took on a life of its own. Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew shares pages of the original Star Wars script that confirm Han Solo shot first during his confrontation with . Just a quick further point on the ‘Han Shot First’ in Star Wars issue. Peter Mayhew has been scanning in and posting pictures of his .