Scrote n tote

The Scrote’n’Tote pre-prototype you see in the images was produced by hand by special effects prosthetics artist C. Goldman and is too heavy and delicate to . L’expression porter ses couilles va enfin prendre tout son sens !

Un canadien propose sur Indiegogo un sac en forme de testicules qui . Si la campagne atteint son objectif de 000$, Bitton affirme que le Scrote’N’Tote sera mis en vente pour 120$ US plus frais d’expédition. God created this sack to carry the world’s most precious cargo: the human race. Un Canadien propose sur Indiegogo un sac en forme de boules d’homme, et le succès est au rendez-vous !

L’année dernière, une photo de Daniel Bitton portant un sac à dos testicules était devenu virale. Beaucoup de personnes lui ont demandé où . Take a gander AT THOSE HAIRS on the scrotum n tote; If you live in a major, swarmed city, this is . En novembre dernier, la publication d’une seule photo du Scrote ‘N’ Tote ( testicules fourre tout ) avait suffit à lancer le buzz sur le net. The Scrote ‘n’ Tote first came to our attention when a picture of a man wearing a gigantic sack on his back entered the viral hall of internet fame.

The fashion accessory is officially dubbed the “Scrote’N’Tote,” and owner Daniel Bitton hopes his Indiegogo campaign will raise enough funds . Le scrote’n’tote (jeu de mots sur scrotum et tote bag, sac fourre tout) trouve son origine en 2014. Le Canadien Daniel Bitton avait fait le . The scrotum backpack…soon to be a best seller. According to Bitton, if the Scrote’n’Tote is successful, he is looking to expand into female accessories, with . Have you ever looked at your bag and thought Hmmmm. Last year, a picture of Canadian Daniel Bitton carrying a backpack that looks just like a gigantic scrotum went viral on the internet—since.

Il y a des gadgets qui disent tout d’un simple regard. C’est le cas du Scrote’N’Tote, un sac à dos en forme de testicules imaginé par le canadien . The Scrote ‘N’ Tote is a rucksack with a twist. The twist being that the sack part is a ballsack and it does look very realistically like testicles. So says Daniel Bitton, a man who would like you to buy the Scrote’n’Tote, a backpack that looks like a scrotum.

Indiegogo – Scrote’n’Tote: The Satchel of Life – I’ve got the Biggest Balls of Them All! This Ball Bag Rucksack Could Soon Be Yours – Meet The Scrote ‘N’ Tote. Rosy Cherrington Style writer, The Huffington Post UK .